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XMS is a powerful real-time application that was designed and developed for use with IBM’s Maximo system. It is simple and easy to use, yet powerful enough to get the job done. XMS enables users to manage work orders and service request on the go. To see the full list of features check out our feature set below, or view our free demo.
Supported Features

Start Centers
Work Order Management
Service Request Management
Labor Reporting
Work Logs
Task Management
View/Create Attachments
Create Service Requests
Safety Plans
Ownership Changes


Paid Time Off Tracking/Requests
Customer Service Reports
Job Safety Analysis

XMS is built off of Google's Polymer Project and Material Design philosophy. Because of this, XMS is cross-platform and easily scales to any size screen. If you have a device with a modern internet browser, you can use XMS.
XMS adheres to all Maximo security restrictions through the use of Maximo's REST and JSON API. Simple web services power all of the interaction that XMS has to your Maximo system, this means that no customization is required.

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