Technology Services

Project Management

Project Management is one of those elusive subjects that will produce as many definitions as the number of people you asked to define it. At Sentz Consulting, we view Project Management as “getting the job done!” Whether that means coordinating schedules, conducting status meetings, communicating with the project team and/or management, arranging for additional resources or just doing the task ourselves to remove the road block. Project managements is doing whatever is necessary to keep project moving forward.

The key goal is to get the project completed. Scopes change, resources come and go, and other priorities take precedent. All these issues need to be addressed and adjustments needs to be made to ensure timely completion of your projects. Having a designated resource on your project team with the experience to handle all these distraction is where Sentz Consulting can help. We have experienced consultants that can help your project teams complete projects on time and on budget.

Website Development

Internet presence is pivotal to making your business thrive. Before most anyone reaches out to a business, they search for the prospective company online to get an idea of the products/services offered, or to inspect the quality of deliverables provided by the company. You can easily turn this practice into a means to develop business.

The evolution of Content Management Systems (CMS) have changed the way websites can be built and maintained. Gone are the days when you had to pay someone to “hard-code” an html site. CMS offer features that streamline the website development process, effectively reducing cost for your business. Partner with Sentz Consulting’s development team to choose a CMS then design, create, and implement the perfect website for your business.

A website can speak volumes to potential customers; make sure yours says the right things.

Web Application Development

Are you interested in taking your company's information system to the next level? Do you envision your employees interacting with an easy-to-use, modern interface? If this is the case, a web-based application may be the solution for you! Simply submit a form on the Contact Us page and let us know what you are looking to achieve.

Sentz Consulting has written many reports and programs to help maximize business intelligence. We will analyze your current system to retain beneficial data capturing methods and eliminate poorly constructed methods. Then we will create a user-friendly application that will organize information about your business so that management may be able to apply actionable analysis.

Management Reporting

Most business managers use data to manage their business. Currently most of this data is housed in the company’s core system and is extracted to EXCEL on a monthly basis to be reformatted and then distributed to the management group. In many cases, this process has become very labor intensive and complicated. At Sentz Consulting our goal is to help your business maximize the information in your company’s databases without the extensive effort currently required. We work with management and your existing data and reporting requirements to develop a solution that provides management timely reporting directly from the company data. All reports can still be exported to EXCEL, but only for further analysis, not report preparation.

Mobile Application Development

Sometimes, you spend so much time and work so hard searching for a solution to your technology issues that you happen to to miss the fact that what you are looking for might not be out there. Simply submit a form on the Contact Us page and let us know what you are looking to do. We will analyze your current system and see if there is a way to use your current software to produce the information you need. If it is not possible with the software you have, we could potentially build something for you.

Our experienced staff has a vast knowledge of software and potential software products. Sentz Consulting has written many reports and programs to help eliminate EXCEL usage for many of our clients. We have also taken on larger jobs, like creating and maintaining a Tablet based application for one of our larger clients. We promise to work hard to help your business work efficiently and effectively.

Hardware/Software Installation

Over the past few years technology has changed so rapidly that it’s hard to know what is current and what you might be a few steps behind on. If you have found your business in the situation where you aren’t sure if your hardware or software is outdated, let us help you. A mini-technology review can be completed solely on your hardware and software. We can recommend top computers, offer targeted pricing plans, and update software from a variety of companies to get your business running seamlessly and at the top of its game. Do you already know, or have what your company needs, but you need help getting it all set up? We have a variety of options to help get your hardware and software running, with ongoing help and support from a dedicated team of individuals.