Maximo Feature Pack has released!

On October 21st, IBM released the Maximo Feature Pack to the public. This new feature pack is an update to any Maximo system currently on version or higher. See some of the new features in Feature Pack below.Prerequisites and supported upgrade paths If you have IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6, IBM Maximo

Maximo v7.6 Installation Failure on Windows: results.xml not found exception

Problem:   When installing Maximo Asset Management v7.6 on a Windows system that has Active Directory enabled, the installation fails with the following error: C:\ProgramData\IBM\Installation Manager\bundles\plugins\<TIME_STAMP>\com\ibm\tivoli\pae\prereq\SystemRequirements\result.xml not found exception. This error indicates a problem during prerequisite validation. Solution: Before beginning, please make sure that you have administrator access to the system that you are attempting

Maximo 7.6: KPI Graphs not displaying after WebSphere Fix Pack

Problem   The WebSphere Fix Pack can sometimes cause issues with Maximo KPIs when the servers are rebooted. The Maximo servers will start up normally, however after Logging into Maximo, any KPI graph portlets display: This portlet has not been set up. To set up, select the edit icon in the portlet header. When

Security Groups: Unable to restrict access to storerooms

Storeroom information is used in transactions that affect inventory items and balances. As a security measure, you can authorize a security group to make transactions with specific storerooms. Storeroom authorization has never been meant to enforce whether or not a user can ‘see’ a storeroom or its related inventory records. Storeroom authorization really means financial

Meet The Boss, Steve Sentz

What are your titles and when did you begin working at Sentz Consulting? Senior Consultant/Owner.   What is your job description? Insurance Consultant – Extensive knowledge in Insurance agency systems and technology requirements. Maximo Consultant – Application Setup/Process Review.   When you’re not at Sentz what are you most likely doing? Playing with my grandchildren,

Lauren Workman

Meet our awesome Office Manager! What are your titles and when did you begin working at Sentz Consulting? I began working for Sentz in April 2014, my role is an Office Manager What is your job description? Answer phones, take messages, greet people in the office, conduct billing, assist with payroll, candy dish supplier, cleaning

Relationship Error On PM Work Order Generation After Applying Maximo Fix Pack

Problem After applying the Maximo Fix Pack, PM work order generation causes the following error: BMXAA4187E – The relationship AMCREWTYPE does not exist for business object AMCREW. Verify that the relationship specified in parameter AMCREWTYPE exists in the Maxrelationship table. NOTE: This applies to fix pack: TPAE_7503_IFIX.20150120-1713 Solution There is currently no permanent solution

IBM Maximo Asset Management is vulnerable to SQL injection (CVE-2015-7448)

IBM Maximo Asset Management is vulnerable to SQL injection. A remote attacker could send specially-crafted SQL statements, which could allow the attacker to view, add, modify or delete information in the back-end database. Vulnerability Details CVEID: CVE-2015-7448 DESCRIPTION: IBM Maximo Asset Management is vulnerable to SQL injection. A remote attacker could send specially-crafted SQL statements,

Security Bulletin: IBM Maximo Asset Management

IBM Maximo Asset Management contains a vulnerability that could allow a remote authenticated user to view ticket worklog entries that they should not have access to. This vulnerability could allow a local attacker to obtain sensitive information. The vulnerability affects Maximo Asset Management, Maximo Asset Management Essentials, Maximo Industry Solutions (including Maximo for Energy Optimization,

Start Center in “Edit Mode” by Another User

Problem Recently, one of our customers was attempting to make some changes to their Maximo Start Center but was receiving the following error: BMXAA7941E – You cannot modify this template because it is being modified by another user. Unfortunately, Maximo does not tell you which user is editing the start center and provides no front-end mechanism