max·i·mize, /ˈmaksəˌmīz/ : To partner with Sentz Consulting and unleash the full potential of a customized IBM Maximo implementation.
Sentz Consulting has partnered with IBM to bring enterprise-class Maintenance Management solutions to companies of all sizes. Leveraging IBM's Maximo platform, we work with our customers to implement Maximo as your CMMS, in a way that matches your business rules and processes with Maximo's best practices. Sentz Consulting provides a broad range of services and products to meet the needs of any Maximo user and support the entire process from installation to integration.
Maximo's Capabilities Include:
Facilities, Operations, IT , Fleet, Assets Locations, Failure Reporting, Condition Monitoring, Meters
Preventative, Corrective, Projects, Emergency, Safety Plan, Work Hierarchies, Planning, Status, Assignments, Actual Metrics
Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Invoices
Items, Storerooms, Inventory, Reorder, Issues, Returns
Master, Purchase, Warranty, Lease/Rental, Labor Rate
Self Service Requests & Status, Platform for Asset: owners, managers and service providers
Maximo Slack
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