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Agency Automation Services

Agency Automation ServicesTechnology Planning Developing a technology plan is a difficult challenge, especially when one understands the number of factors affecting an industry. Changes within the business, the rapid pace of technology, the Internet, technology decisions by the management system vendor/carriers, and changes in an industry are just a few examples of the type of

Technology Services

Technology ServicesProject ManagementProject Management is one of those elusive subjects that will produce as many definitions as the number of people you asked to define it. At Sentz Consulting, we view Project Management as “getting the job done!” Whether that means coordinating schedules, conducting status meetings, communicating with the project team and/or management, arranging for

Operations & Maintenance Review

Operations & Maintenance ReviewFacilities Maintenance and Operations professionals with constantly changing time demands and resources stretched thin, Sentz Consulting’s Operations and Maintenance review service, COMPASS℠ helps reduce operating costs associated with scheduling and tracking of maintenance operations. C – CONSULTINGMore than just analysis and opinions. We do our best to observe and engage your staff

Maximo Services

Maximo ServicesInstallation and UpgradeWhether you have an existing Maximo or want to start fresh, Sentz Consulting can help you get the latest and greatest IBM’s Maximo has to offer. New installations can be completed in a matter of hours, not days, and we won’t just install Maximo and walk away. We can walk you through