Maximo v7.6 Installation Failure on Windows: results.xml not found exception

When installing Maximo Asset Management v7.6 on a Windows system that has Active Directory enabled, the installation fails with the following error:

C:\ProgramData\IBM\Installation Manager\bundles\plugins\<TIME_STAMP>\com\ibm\tivoli\pae\prereq\SystemRequirements\result.xml not found exception.

This error indicates a problem during prerequisite validation.
Before beginning, please make sure that you have administrator access to the system that you are attempting to install on.

1) Find and right-click on the Command Prompt application and select Run as administrator.

2) From within the command prompt, navigate to the directory in which the Maximo installation files are located. (ex: C:/MaximoInstallation)

3) Run the following command in the command prompt application set BYPASS_PRS=True

4) Finally, run the launchpad64.exe file by executing the following command launchpad64.exe

This should cause the installation application to skip the verification process and allow you to install the application. Please note you will see warning messages after the verification process, you can ignore these warnings.

Still having issues bypassing the verification? Need more help with your Maximo installation? Feel free to give us a call or contact us for more help!