Relationship Error On PM Work Order Generation After Applying Maximo Fix Pack

After applying the Maximo Fix Pack, PM work order generation causes the following error:

BMXAA4187E - The relationship AMCREWTYPE does not exist for business object AMCREW. Verify 
that the relationship specified in parameter AMCREWTYPE exists in the Maxrelationship table.

NOTE: This applies to fix pack: TPAE_7503_IFIX.20150120-1713
There is currently no permanent solution to address this issue, however there is a temporary fix/workaround.

The temporary fix/workaround is to duplicate the AMCREWT relationship and name it AMCREWTYPE, and add it to the AMCREW object. This will provide the relationship that the erroneous code expects.

It is under investigation as to whether the persistent resolution/correction is available in subsequent IFIX versions.

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