Start Center in “Edit Mode” by Another User

Recently, one of our customers was attempting to make some changes to their Maximo Start Center but was receiving the following error:

BMXAA7941E - You cannot modify this template because it is being modified by another user.

Unfortunately, Maximo does not tell you which user is editing the start center and provides no front-end mechanism for releasing the lock on it. However, there is a way to find out who is editing the start center. Then you can simply ask them to save or cancel their changes.
Prerequisite: In order to complete this you will need some prior knowledge of the Maximo database structure as well as read access to the Maximo database.

We performed this action in a Maximo system that was running on Microsoft SQL Server, however the process would be similar for any other database engine.

First, run the following query on your database using a SQL tool such as SQL Server Management Studio. Again, this can vary depending on the database engine.
SELECT * FROM sconfig WHERE groupname IS NULL

This will return a list of all start centers currently being edited. If more than one is in edit mode, you may need to look at the Description or ID field to make sure it's the correct template. The USERID column will have the Maximo ID of the person editing.

For more information you can read the IBM Technote #1579242 here.

Don't feel comfortable in your database? Are you still having issues? Please feel free to give us a call or contact us.