Maximo 7.6 New Features & Upgrading Primer

IBM_Maximo_logo-300x73No matter what industry you are operating, asset management isn’t always an easy task. But, with powerful software such as IBM’s Maximo that can assist businesses in areas like oil and gas, manufacturing and life sciences the tools they need to succeed are at arms reach.

Whether you are managing maintenance routines, planning spare parts programs or working on asset optimization, Maximo can help. With the latest release of Maximo 7.6, you are sure to greatly increase reliability and productivity.

Even though these changes are definitely going to be positive, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to learn some new things. I know, “I’m a Maximo Pro!”. No, in order to get the most out of the new update, you will still need to brush up on the new features if you plan to get the most out of Maximo 7.6. The article referenced here will serve as a primer and will address the new functionality that comes with the update. Check it out here!